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The stories behind Canterbury's new found Pinots...



Warrick always aspired to be a pumpkin farmer! This is the result of seeds planted in the mulch pile! Organic Pumpkin...

BIDDIE- our vineyard falcon!

Biddie literally fell out of the sky and hit our vineyard shed with a bang. After a day of waiting for parental intervention and without hesitation we claimed her as part of the Edwards Clan. People are very black and white on Magpies - love them or hate them, but...

Introducing “Twinkie”

Baby hares are awkwardly slow creatures so quite easy to catch. This wee fellow was scooped up to avoid the mower. Terribly cuddly and cute and well loved by the kids but alas a lesson learn ’t. Hares have a very high mortality rate in captivity. Twinkie...

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