Biddie literally fell out of the sky and hit our vineyard shed with a bang. After a day of waiting for parental intervention and without hesitation we claimed her as part of the Edwards Clan.

People are very black and white on Magpies – love them or hate them, but this was a good lesson for the kids to experience especially as it was their job to keep her out of trouble.

Biddie went everywhere we did including Wainui and she became well known around the bay. So much so that when she flew 3 kilometres from the vineyard and got lost we found her by people telling stories. It took Lorraine a local Tai Tapu farmer to talk to a nearby property owner about this friendly magpie with leg bands who said- that sounds like a magpie in Wainui that landed on my shoulder! One phone call to a random number in Wainui- magpie- found!!

Biddie was a delight – her mastery of sirens was unrivalled particularly every morning at 7am!

Sadly in April 2018 she flew from the vineyard for another adventure and never returned. Most likely to create a new territory away from the current resident magpies in the vineyard.

She was a loved integral member of the vineyard team swooping over the rows, chasing Taffy the dog and sleeping in the shed when it all got too much.  People who know Biddy ask after her still.

We hope she may return with her own family one day.

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