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THE ahuriri run

Steeped in tradition our small hillside vineyard previously formed part of the early Ahuriri Run holding, first farmed by the prominent Rhodes brothers in the 1850s.  Named for the now ghost lagoon over which our vineyard views – once a rich wetland full of flood, a warm spring with flax resources cherished by local Maori.

Today the humble hare stands. Stoic and unmoved under the rows. Sentinals of the crop – victorious.

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Coffee Bean

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Coffee Bean



our pinot gris

Each vintage of our delectable Pinot Gris is a taste journey.

As growers we know no season is ever duplicated whether the fruit sets slowly due to cloud, the summer is hotter or the pre-harvest dogged with rain.  Some elements we can control others are above our pay grade.  As we become familiar with our vines we naturally progressed into organic practices and handpicking our crop produces the best quality of fruit which gets better each year!

Our 2016 vintage was the culmination of an exceptional growing season with very ripe fruit resulting in stonefruit, floral and honied flavours.  We were rewarded with our first bronze medal in the 2018 NZ Wine of the Year Awards!

Our 2017 vintage reflected the intensity of the season with golden peach, baked pear, fig and flinty characters.

And for 2018 the potpourri of a season resulted in subtle notes of gun smoke and mixed spice.

our pinot noir

Ripened by the warm northwest breeze and enjoying the expansive views of the Southern Alps there is a the reason why Canterbury is proudly coloured Red and black!

Our first Pinot Noir Greenman 2017 vintage is just as expansive in taste giving hints of strawberry, cherry, smoked game, truffle and toasted nut aromas on the nose. Silky smooth and gratifying to taste. Once again we were rewarded with a bronze medal in the 2019 NZ Wine of the Year awards.

Our second Pinot Noir 2018 – “Fork in the road”- reveals the evolution of improving crop quality – and then “Low Bow” 2019 is no tall tale…simply delicious.





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Tai Tapu, New Zealand

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SHIPPING: Around Christchurch for 6 and 12 bottles $6.00; Remainder of South Island 6 bottles $20.00; North Island 6 bottles $25.00 This is generally indicative of delivery pricing, but don't hesitate to email us for site specific costing as additional rural charges may apply Dismiss