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THE ahuriri run

Steeped in tradition our small hillside vineyard previously formed part of the early Ahuriri Run holding, first farmed by the prominent Rhodes brothers in the 1850s.  Named for the now ghost lagoon over which our vineyard views – once a rich wetland full of flood, a warm spring with flax resources cherished by local Maori.

Today the humble hare stands. Stoic and unmoved under the rows. Sentinals of the crop – victorious.

Coffee Bean



Coffee Bean



Coffee Bean



our pinot gris

Our 2016 Vintage was a particularly spectacular year with an abundant crop picked from our 2400 Pinot Gris vines. White flowers and fresh nashi pear on the nose.

Vintage 2017 has fresh peach fragrance, a soft subtle pallet with a lingering finish.

Both will bring a bright and vigorous, moorish pallet consisting of yellow-fleshed nectarine to your table…

our pinot noir

Nearly 7 tonnes of grape were hand picked from our 2600 Pinot Noir vines in 2017.

Our Canterbury Pinot Noir is quite unique – light but complex, stronger spice and gamey-meaty aromas along with loads of fruit.

To be enjoyed with such a wide range of meals, always with good company.






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